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We are largest supplier of cassava flour from Indonesia. Our Product already exported to 5 countries. We are very open to collaborate


Our tapioca flour products are the best in Indonesia. We always prioritize good product quality by maintaining the cleanliness of planting area, tools, warehouses, and packaging.

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We are the most right partner for cassava supplier. we have been experienced in supplying cassava flour and exported our product to many countries

Support Local Farmers

Prioritizing the welfare of our farmers is an obligation that we will continue to prioritize.

Cassava Overview

Cassava or commonly known as cassava or cassava, It is a tropical and subtropical annual tree of the Euphorbiaceae family.

It is usually used as processed food because of its high carbohydrate content tall, while the leaves are usually used as vegetables.

Cassava is a tuber or root of a long tree with an average physical diameter of 2-3 cm and a length of 50-80 cm, depending on the type of cassava.


The flesh of the tuber is white or yellowish. Bulbs cassava can not be stored even though it is placed in the refrigerator

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